So this is a post I’ve gone back and forth about…so I decided to go for it. I’m a woman…I’m emotional sometimes…I’ve cried at work. There I said it.

Then I ran into the bathroom, tried to fix my makeup and get my act together. But once I start, I feel like I can’t stop the waterworks. Sigh. Sometimes I wish I was a man…they never seem to cry or if they get upset or hurt, you don’t see it all over their face.

It’s those times when I’m happy I have an office to hide in. I’ve talked to my female friends and colleagues and at least I’m not alone. It seems that many of us have had mini crying sessions at work. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better about stopping the waterworks…but every now and then something happens and I can’t help it. They haven’t all been bad tears…during the annual Thanksgiving luncheon I got teary eyed talking about what I’m thankful for, including my family who was dealing with some health issues.

But I guess the lesson here is that we’re all human. We have bad days and our feelings can be hurt. Crying reminds me that I have a heart, I have emotions and embracing those emotions and feelings makes me who I am.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on tears. Has it happened to you? How do you feel and how do you deal with the waterworks?

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