Where does your heritage fit in?

I just recently took a survey about Latina Bloggers by @JulieDiazAsper (http://bit.ly/9i9hcR) and the questions got me thinking. It asked if I blogged about being Latina, if it has affected my blogging or the opportunities I have been afforded, etc.

Although this isn’t exactly “My Big Fat Cuban Blog” (maybe I’ll make a change), being Cuban certainly has shaped who I am and my views on life. I’ve learned a lot about communication from my family – from their accent, to learning Spanish (my first language) at home to being in ESOL in kindergarten to officially learn English, to speaking Spanglish and using Spanish at work — my heritage is always present.

Growing up with a family who was a little “Que Pasa USA” has been a blessing. I’ve always been open to other cultures, food, experiences, etc. because of where I come from. My parents immigrated to the U.S. in their early 20s and raised me to understand and appreciate all of the opportunities we have as Americans. This definitely has played a key part in my life and I try to remember their words when I’m whining and complaining about non-issues.

I’m proud to be Cuban-American and I try to fly the flag as much as possible in North Florida. My background has shaped me into the person and communicator I am today and for that I’m eternally grateful. I still get excited when I meet a fellow Hispanic and it’s great to know there are so many of us out there in the blogosphere. Adelante!

Has your heritage, ethnicity, race, or background made a difference in your life?

2 Thoughts

  1. I feel like my heritage isn’t as strong as yours, but my grandfather was born and raised in Scotland. Maybe the only thing I got from it was a mass of curly hair, but even though I am not a die-hard highland games fan, I’d like to think I am a proud Scotswoman.

    I think my husband has stronger ties to his heritage and it shows in his everyday life. He was born and raised in Canada before coming to Florida. His pride for his county beams from him every day. Funny story, even though I thought I was expanding my family’s gene pool by marrying a Canadian, our grandparents discovered at our wedding that our families originated from two small towns in Scotland – within miles from each other. Seems the world gets a bit smaller every day.

    P.S. – I am so jealous that you know Spanish and French!

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