Makeup Chronicles

I LOVE make up. I dream of having a Glam Squad (who wouldn’t want an array of different hair and make up looks every day from professional Fairy Glamothers…am I right?!). But alas, that is not my truth. So instead, I’ve mastered my own make up looks and the five-minute face.

I’m a mom and getting ready in the morning is a juggling act. However, I refuse to lose my identity and drown in sweatpants and no makeup. So I still put my face on every day…I just do it fast and efficiently with a side of quick contour.

And on special occasions I enjoy the heck out of getting my makeup done professionally. There’s something about a strong false lash game, bold brow and pop of lip that makes me feel like I can take on the world!

As an amateur makeup maven, I’ve tried tons of products both designer and drug store finds. I’ve been lured by the fancy brands and incredible product promises to the aisles of Target and Walmart. What I’ve found…like everything else, some things are worth investing in and others are budget finds I’d honestly pay more for because they work like magic. Mixing high and low makeup makes style and wallet sense. It’s always good to have a balance.

Here are my recommendations for my preferred high low product mix and formula for the five-minute face:

5 Minute Face: BB Cream + Quick Contour (steps below) + Blush + Brow Gel + Mascara + Lip of Choice

L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream – I’ve literally tried all kinds of BB and CC creams over the years through purchase, Birchbox and Influenster and I always keep coming back to this $7.99 magic potion. This BB cream gives you great coverage, while being weightless and the greyish cream turns into color as it’s applied, perfectly matching skin tone. It works its magic in four ways to “hydrate, correct, even out and perfect” – talk about working hard for the money.

Rimmel Kate Sculpting Cosmetic Set – Another under $10 find – this is my go to countour kit for my daily face! It’s compact and great to travel with and has everything you need to create a fast and defining countoured look. I use the highlighter under my eyes, nose, chin and forehead (in a fan like motion), then I paint a “3” on each side of my face including under my jawline with the darkest shade and on either side of my nose and finish with blush on my cheeks.

For evening or times I’m putting more effort, I use IT Comsetics’ You Sculpted kit, which retails for $40. I’m also really curious about Kim K’s new contouring kit – both cream and powder, but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll report back when I do J

For brows and lashes it’s all about Benefit. I’m obsessed with Gimme Brow in #3 ($24) and BROWVO, which is a conditioning primer I use at night – it helps your lashes look fuller! Mascara wise They’re Real is amazing as well as Roller Lash Curling Mascara, $24 each. My lashes look fake every time…BINGO!

For a super affordable brow alternative I recommend Hard Candy’s Brows Now! – exclusive to Walmart and only $6. It also comes with a highlighter to finish off your bold brow look. Drug store mascara is all about Cover Girl – the Lash Blast line has a ton of choices from Length to Volume and they’re under $7 each! On special occasions I add false lashes to my face game and depending on the DRAMA I pick the corresponding lash. Lilly Lashes and Bella Lashes are faves.

For lips I’m all over the place from MAC to LipSense to plain old Kiehl’s Lip Balm. I also always travel with Benefit’s (making another appearance on my face) They’re Real Big Sexy Lip kit ($29), which has four great colors from fiery red to a pretty pink. Bonus: they automatically line your lips and make them look BIGGER (but not Kylie sized!).

Eyeliner is not an everyday occurrence, but when I feel like spending a few more minutes on my eyes for maximum impact, my go to is Laura Mercier’s crème eye pencil in espresso. Finally, for eyes, I usually go neutral, mostly matte shadows with some shimmer depending on the occasion (usually nighttime). My favorite is Smashbox’s Photo Matte eye palette ($49) with a range of neutrals and smoky colors to create a day-to-night eye look and build on color, contrast and impact.

And no look is complete (especially for a #MomBoss) without Dry Shampoo, my go to Living Proof’s PhD (Perfect Hair Day, $22) and Caffeine – Starbucks or local fave Lucky Goat!




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