Be A Goal Getter in 2019

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions. For the most part, people make them and then fall off the proverbial wagon shortly thereafter. I read somewhere once that most people give up on resolutions by early February. So the odds are not ever in your favor.

Instead, I’m a fan of goal setting. Goals can be short term or long term and the word just inspires better results than a resolution ever would.

This year, we have set family goals for the first time, which is very exciting. We discussed what we want to accomplish together this year and beyond. I think it’s important to set short-term, attainable goals that then trickle up to longer-term goals. This way you have some wins along the way. Most of our goals will likely take longer than a year, but that’s okay. We have a starting point and a roadmap to get there. Now we work toward the finish line.

Additionally, I have set personal goals for the year to ensure that I’m growing and inspired in the months ahead. As a wife and mom, I find it critical to also have my own goals, so I’m nurturing my mind and body along with working toward collective goals.

Here’s a taste of our goals for 2019.

Family Goals

  • Pursue Financial Freedom – in a time when the “American Dream” equals endless debt and student loans, make a conscious effort to be frugal, save and seek financial freedom!
  • Make Memories – continue eating every night at our dinner table, be present and enjoy each other’s company, while making memories for our family.
  • Get Pregnant – grow our little family and complete it with the addition of a new baby!

Personal Goals

  • Be Present and Intentional – focus on living in the moment and enjoying today without worrying about the past or future.
  • Digital Detox – choose specific times to disconnect completely from social media, while spending time with my family.
  • Be Fit – continue my journey to health and wellness working out at least three times a week and making healthy food choices (while still indulging here and there).
  • Self-Care – take time to take care of me. This is everything from a quiet morning to read and reflect to my Sunday mask ritual to treating myself to manis and more.
  • Choose Kindness – life can get stressful and it’s easy to sometimes be in a bad mood or overwhelmed. In these times, we may not be our best selves. I’m making a choice to always be kind to myself and others. Especially in bad times, I will choose to kill them with kindness and always take the high road.
  • Laugh More, Worry Less – laughter is truly the best medicine. This year, I want to choose laughter in good times and bad, trusting there is a plan and things always happen for a reason.
  • Continuing Sharing & Connecting – blog more, continue growing my Instagram account and reach the 10k, swipe up goal!

Are you a fan of goal setting? Do you set family goals, individual goals or take a different route? Would love to hear your goals and aspirations!

Keep Climbing,


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