Bottom’s Up: Quaran-Melon Recipe

One of our most beloved quarantine activities has been hanging by the pool. With pool days come cool drinks.

I’m sharing a recipe for our newest creation — the Quaran-Melon featuring muddled watermelon, vodka and sweet n sour mix.

Quaran-Melon Cocktail Recipe – measurements for two 8oz drinks

– One slice of watermelon muddled in a cocktail mixer

– Mix watermelon with one (1) can of Zing Zang Sweet n Sour mix, shake it up vigorously

– Add ice and 1.5 oz of Vodka into a standard cocktail drink glass

– Take cocktail shaker with mix and pour into drink glass until it’s 3/4 full – make sure to shake in between pours to allow watermelon to unclog

– Stir each drink

– Remove shaker top and pour the muddled watermelon into each glass to thicken drink up

– Garnish with watermelon and fresh basil



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