At Last…

So I do the Facebook thing, am in love with Twitter, taking advantage of LinkedIn and contemplating FourSquare, BUT what I’ve always wanted to do is start a blog. I’ve talked about it, brainstormed potential names, topics, etc. So today, after being inspired at the FPRA meeting – I decided to stop talking AND start doing. So voila…my blog.

Although I’m involved in a gazillion things, now that I have my APR (Accredited in Public Relations) under my belt…I have some spare time. My goal is to blog about being me — being in PR, being a volunteer, being a foodie and a shoe addict and whatever else is on my radar at the moment.

I want to have fun and hopefully share useful information. I welcome questions and ideas for future posts. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures, thoughts, ideas, issues, etc. If nothing else, this will be a way to document my life and the crazy journey ahead.

Happy reading…

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