Communication Breakdown

I’ve been in home improvement mode lately and decided to hire a professional painter to paint our living room, kitchen and upstairs bathroom. It was supposed to make life easier, but it’s been challenging…especially in the communication department. At first it was fine, we had an initial phone call and then he came to our house, met with my boyfriend and sent us an estimate. Everything was moving in the right direction and then I received a text. Nothing against text messaging, but I’m in the business of communicating and I DON’T text my clients. It’s inappropriate. We’re not friends. We have a professional relationship. Since he was hired, I haven’t received any calls to discuss the number of issues we’ve been facing. He texts, using bad grammar and abbreviations, or emails occasionally. I’m a huge fan of all the different forms of communication and technology available to us, but at the end of the day if you’re going to do business it should be done in a more traditional way. I appreciate face-to-face meetings, phone calls or even emails…but I don’t see a text message as an effective form of communicating with a client or potential client. Have you experienced similar communication issues? Do you think texting clients is okay or a huge don’t?

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