Beautycounter “Flawless In Five”

I love makeup and wear it almost every day. It just makes me feel put together and ready to take on the world.

While I use Beautycounter skincare products, I have never used the brand’s makeup and was excited when an Instagram acquaintance reached out to see if I would want to try the makeup out.

She dropped off a beautiful makeup bag full of loot and I ended up creating the brand’s signature “flawless in five” look.



Disclaimer – I used way more than five products. Lol. But it was pretty fast getting the look.

1. I started with my eyes and used the Velvet Palette to do a simple, daytime eye which included an neutral all over lid color, dark brown crease, and highlight on the lid.

2. Then I used the Tint Skin foundation in “honey.” I really liked the lightweight foundation, especially because it provides full coverage that doesn’t feel heavy.

3. Then I sued the Touchup concealer pen under my eyes. I have terrible under eye circles, so this helped cover and brighten that area.

4. Next I painted a “3” on either side of my face with Cabana bronzer.

5. I used the Topaz highlighter under my eyes, on my chin, in between my lip/nose area, bridge of my nose and fanned out in the middle of my forehead.

6. Finished the face with Nectar blush on the apples of my cheeks.

7. Next I used the eye brows gel in medium thicken and define my brows.

8. I added mascara to complete the eye look.

9. Completed the look with a nude lipgloss!

The Verdict

Overall I really liked all of the products. While they’re a bit more expensive than other brands, I do love that Beautycounter is all about clean and chemical free makeup.

I will likely invest in the foundation, eye brow gel and bronzer/blush!



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