Shop My Closet: What I Learned

You guys…I DID IT!! I did not shop during the first three months of the year and it felt so good. I feel like an addict celebrating 90 days clean, but in so many ways shopping was an addiction for me.

The crazy thing is…I rarely wore the same thing twice, which just showed me the sheer amount of clothing I had in my closet. I also learned there really isn’t anything I actually need and most of the things “I want” or used to feel like “I HAD to have” are not necessary.

The other crazy part is how much money I saved by not constantly shopping. Especially this year as we’re committed to paying off debt and getting in the best financial shape of our lives, this was a great challenge to complete. It was truly eye opening.

While I’m excited to shop for a few cute pieces for Spring, I’m going to continue to be incredibly mindful of what I buy and try to cut back on the crazy shopping.

After these three months, I think it will be a lot easier to resist the shopping itch. I detoxed myself from the high that comes from online shopping, adding to your cart, tracking your package and then finally receiving the goodies.

Shopping is something I enjoy, but I’m glad I completed this challenge, because moving forward I will think more critically about every item I purchase, its cost and if it’s actually something that I will wear and will get a lot of use.

How are you guys doing with 2019 goals?

Happy (moderate) shopping,


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