Travel Diary: Camping & Adventuring

This weekend we took our son on his very first camping trip and I’m happy to report it was a huge success!

He loved being outdoors and sleeping in a tent. (Yes…I went tent camping 23 weeks pregnant.) We camped at Florence Marina State Park in Georgia and it was a great campground.

The weather cooled down throughout the weekend, but luckily we bought a heater, which made all the difference! Pro Tip: an air mattress also adds another layer of comfort along with sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. Our very own 5-star camping experience!

We spent two nights camping and on night one we decided to have a fun dinner consisting of MREs and Mountain House meals using our newest camping accessory – The Jet Boil. The freeze dried meals were surprisingly delicious and made for a fun experience! We then had s’mores by the camp fire and called it a night.

Day two was our first full day and we really made the most of it. We had Mountain House biscuits n gravy and Breakfast Scramble for breakfast and then headed out to Providence Canyon State Park!

The park is also known as The Little Grand Canyon. It’s a beautiful park and quite a site to see. We hiked around 4 miles total — doing a canyon loop to see them from above and then walking through the canyons.

The park also has playgrounds, a visitor’s center with snacks and gifts and lots of green space. We had an amazing time disconnecting and being outdoors in nature. Westley did really well and kept up with the hike! He enjoyed a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ice cream post hike.

We then found out about a local brewery – Omaha Brewing Company – a few miles down the road. They have a food truck Saturday event and decided to check it out. It was a great move! The brewery was awesome – great ambiance, great crowd. It’s also pet and family friendly.

Sam tried two of their beers including the signature Banana infused beer. We also checked out Booch and Mia’s food truck and ordered their loaded buffalo fries (incredible) and the Empanada (sooo good). After lunch, we took a tour of the brewery, learning more about its origin and the beer making process.

After a full day of exploring, we made it back to the campground where Westley played in the playground and we then took a little nap.

At night, we made hamburgers and hot dogs, more s’mores and then watched a movie on our iPad. Perfect day!

Overall, our camping experience was wonderful. We disconnected from digital (except for the iPad movie) and connected as a family. We went on adventures, explored new places and made memories. Now I want a Travel Trailer, so we can adventure in more comfort and visit more places.

Have you been on a camping trip?

Happy Adventuring,




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