Bump Date: Second Trimester

Praise Be for the second trimester. It’s literally like a switch goes off immediately and you feel so much better and have energy.

This trimester has flown by and I’m happy to say I’ve been feeling really great. We also revealed the gender…it’s another BOY! We are over the moon and I’m exited to be a #boymom for life.

Here’s a breakdown of the last 12 weeks.


  • Back Pain – I did a lot of traveling during the last three months and the combo of planes, long car rides, etc. definitely took a toll on my back. Luckily my OB cleared using the Tim Tam (a massager). My hubby gave me a few massages with it and that definitely helped!
  • Leg Cramps – I had a good bit of foot and leg cramping, which I don’t remember from my last pregnancy. These cramps were pretty intense and usually came on in the middle of the night. I researched remedies and it suggested taking Magnesium. I ordered really good and pure Magnesium and have been taking two pills a day. Game changer. Cramps have mostly disappeared!
  • Claustrophobia – I’ve had a few bouts of just feeling claustrophobic in terms of letting the bump breathe, needing space, etc. Again not anything I experienced in the past. I’ve never suffered from anxiety, but it feels maybe like that. When it’s happened, I just lay down, close my eyes, let the bump breathe and take deep breaths until it passes. Luckily it’s only happened three times. Here’s hoping for no more of this.


This trimester didn’t really bring any cravings. I’ve mostly been eating the way I’ve always eaten. Pretty boring, but business as usual.


I’ve felt pretty good and having tons of energy definitely helps my overall mood. We’ve been really busy with travel and events and I’ve been able to keep up! That always is a good feeling.

Way less emotional ups and downs and I’ve felt sharper and like myself during this trimester. Work wise, I’ve been on my game, which is very important to me.


Walking and hiking have been the focus of my exercise this time around. We’ve gone camping a few times and I did a 4-mile hike and felt great. As part of our Thanksgiving tradition, we also did the 5k Turkey Trot. Feels good to be outside, moving and staying active!


I have slept pretty well although I’ve been using a body pillow every night for added comfort. As always, I love at least eight hours and when I don’t get that, the struggle is real.


While I pooped early, I feel like the bump has been pretty much under control this trimester. I’ve been able to wear regular, non-maternity clothes and either stay at my regular size (if it’s a stretchy or loose dress) or size up for a better fit if it’s a tighter cut. My plan was to only invest in clothing I could wear post bump as is or with minor alterations. Here are some pics from outfits over the last three months.

Can’t believe in 12 weeks I’ll be meeting this little nugget.

Happy Bumping,


2 Thoughts

  1. Another great blog post. So glad you are feeling well. I have used a topical product called Theraworx Relief to relieve leg cramping at night. The active ingredient is magnesium. If a leg cramp wakes me up I am able to sleep cramp free after applying. God bless you and your family.

    1. Good to know! The Magnesium supplements have definitely helped. Leg and foot cramps are so uncomfortable. Merry Christmas!!

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