Special Delivery: What’s in my Hospital Bag

Hard to believe we are weeks away from welcoming a second bundle of joy into our family.

Since my labor was so fast and furious last time (forgot my bag and phone at home…it was later brought to me), my plan this time is to get everything organized ahead of time.

There really aren’t a lot of things you need to bring for the hospital, since they provide a lot. But here’s the list of what I’m packing to make my stay a comfy as possible!

Hospital Bag

For this special occasion, I decided to treat myself to a fun and colorful “weekender” bag. I snagged this Judith March Palm Springs bag on sale and it will bring a fun pop of color to my hospital stay.


I really wanted a soft and comfy robe to wear in the hospital and beyond. I found this organic Monica + Andy robe and fell in love! This was a Christmas present from my hubby and he even had it monogrammed for me.


I ordered these wildly popular and comfortable memory foam slippers from Amazon to keep my feet warm and cozy. I’ll be rocking these at home too!


I want to feel a semblance of normalcy while in the hospital, so I’m packing a couple of comfy loungewear sets I can wear during the day versus being in PJs.

Toiletries + Makeup

I ordered a travel toiletry set from our fave clean living company Public Goods, so I can have the comforts of my shower at the hospital. The set is only $16 and includes everything you need. Bonus – I’ll use it for travel since you can refill the bottles!

I’m also packing some light makeup including BB Cream, bronzer, mascara and lip balm. Additionally, I’m bringing dry shampoo and a travel blow dryer! Hospital glam at its finest.


I’m not too much of a pillow snob, but a friend just reminded me, hospital pillows are not the best. So I’ll be bringing a comfy pillow from home and one for the hubby’s cot too.


Along with my phone, I’m also packing an extra long charger for my hospital stay.

Go Home Outfit

This is basically my version of pajamas that are acceptable in public. I ordered an oversized cozy sweater and comfy joggers to wear from the hospital home. Loungewear will be my “maternity wardrobe,” so I’ve been building up a collection of cute and comfy pieces I can wear at home and when I leave the house. The first six weeks of recovery are tough, so I want to be comfortable, but also feel put together!

Diaper Bag + Go Home Outfit

Hospitals have lots of goodies they give you to take home, so we are basically bringing an empty diaper backpack (our preferred diaper bag style) to fill with goodies for baby and mama. Pro tip: take everything they offer you because they can’t re-use it and you’re charged for it anyway!

I’m also packing baby’s going home outfit, a hat, socks and a cozy blanket. Squee.

Car Seat Carrier

This is a very important item! You can’t take baby home without the hospital inspecting your carrier and making sure baby is safe and secure.

Really hoping our second labor and delivery experience is better than the first!

Hope this post helps you get ready for your own hospital trip in style!

Happy Birthing,