Recipe: Sausage Tortellini Soup

At almost 40 weeks pregnant, I’ve once again been having cravings. I’ve been wanting super rich and hearty flavors from Indian (my #1 fave food) to this glorious Tortellini soup (more like a chowder) that is filling and so good for the soul.

I decided to share this recipe as I always get questions about it whenever I’ve posted pics or anything on Instagram stories having to do with this recipe. First off, this is a modified take on what is a very popular recipe. We got the original recipe from my husband’s co-worker and over the last year have tweaked it to make it more us.

Tweaks have included MORE of everything — two pounds of sausage, an entire carton of basil, two bags of tortellini, six cups of spinach and also cooking this all day in a crock pot.

So here’s the recipe and some photos of the process. Happy cooking!!

Bon Apetit,


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