Bump Date: Third Trimester

NOTE: I just had baby and realized I never published my third trimester update…so here it is:

This time around I’ve been pregnant for much longer…this little guy actually arrived a day before his due date. So nearly 40 weeks aka 10 months and I was feeling it.

W arrived 8 days early, so I thought baby #2 would be here early too. But so far, he has been 180 degrees from Westley. Baby #2 is head first (in the right position ready to go), he has a head full of hair (W was bald) and is chilling inside the womb (W arrived fast and furious and early in 1 hour and 37 minutes).

Here’s hoping labor and delivery is a delight compared to the train wreck that was my last delivery. Baby Link’s birth story coming soon!

So here’s a breakdown of the last 12 weeks. In short — it’s been a roller coaster.


  • Heartburn – This has been an ongoing issue, which I didn’t have last time around. After my latest ultrasound showed a head full of hair, I’m starting to think the old wives tale is true.
  • Tired/Insomnia – Waking up and getting ready every day has definitely been a struggle toward the end. I get tired throughout the day and then at night I either can’t sleep or fall asleep and then wake up in the middle of night. I don’t really remember insomnia last time, and it’s definitely been challenging.
  • Anxiety- I’ve never had this issue before, but I had two panic attacks (I think…) throughout this last trimester – each happened after eating. If I even eat a little too much (which these days isn’t much), I start feeling like I can’t breathe and it makes me feel so panicky. I have to let my belly breathe, lay down, close my eyes and try to relax. The second time it happened, I felt like I was going to faint, started sweating and had to sip on ice cold water and lay down for a while to start feeling back to normal. So this basically made me completely change the way I’ve been eating — smaller meals and always trying to avoid the feeling of being “full.”


I haven’t had too many cravings. My usual go tos like Indian, Mexican and Cuban remain top of mind.

Unfortunately, I’ve felt like there is hardly any room in my belly, so I haven’t been able to east very much at a time. I’ve ended up losing weight because of this, but fortunately the baby is healthy and his weight is perfect.

It just stinks to not really get to enjoy meals because there is nowhere for the food to go.


Overall, I’ve been feeling pretty good and have miraculously had a ton of energy toward the end. I feel like I was more desperate and exhausted with Westley and was dying for him to come out. This time around, I’ve been more calm about baby arriving when he does.

I have had some emotional days and some days when I’m just over everything, but all in all, my mood has been pretty happy and consistent.

Nesting has been a real thing. I’ve been obsessed with decorating his nursery, washing clothes, organizing the house and getting myself groomed and ready for labor, delivery and post partum.


Not a whole lot happening in this department. Mostly just long walks and trying to stay active without getting short of breath. 😂


Welp this has been touch and go. I’ve had terrible insomnia almost every other night, especially heightened these last few weeks. I will randomly wake up anywhere between 1:50am and 4:45am and be up for a few hours. By the time I fall asleep, my alarm goes off.

It’s so hard to get comfortable with a growing belly, using the restroom multiple times, heartburn, etc. so I’ve taken it one night at a time. Some nights I get better sleep than others and I take what I can get. Must be my body getting me ready for the sleepless nights ahead.


I have continued just using items I already own that were oversized. Since it’s winter, my go to outfit has been leggings with an oversized sweater. I’ve also worn a ton of sweater dresses. I’ve tried to stay comfy and cute as much as possible.

Here’s some inspo from the last 12 weeks:

Bumpin’ Along,


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