Birth Story: Baby Link

On Friday, March 6 at 3am my water broke at home and we headed to the hospital a day before my due date to welcome Lincoln Harold Faulkner aka Link into the world.

His birth turned out to be absolutely perfect, but going into it I was terrified. Westley’s delivery was fast and furious and terrifying. He was born an hour and 37 minutes after I arrived at the hospital. My goal this time around was to have a more calm labor experience, but I knew what you plan and hope for isn’t always the reality.

Luckily, this time around we got what we wished for. Everything moved at a good pace, I received an epidural (not painful at all) around 5:30am and waited. They gave me a large medicine ball to help the baby drop further and managed my contractions. Compared to the indescribable pain of contractions and giving birth naturally, I hardly felt my contractions this time. In fact, Sam would be monitoring the machine and tell me – “Wow a big one is coming” and I didn’t feel a thing. Mostly just pressure, but zero pain.

Around 11am, my OB came to check on me and it was GO time. I’ve never seen a doctor more excited to do his job. Everyone took their places and I pushed four times really hard and voila at 11:12am Link was born.

It was such an incredible moment because this time I wasn’t scared and in horrible pain. I was able to really be present and my husband was able to enjoy the experience too and watch our son being born versus basically delivering him.

Link’s first photo. Welcome to the world!

When the doctor immediately gave me the baby it was a moment of pure joy and relief and happiness. He was perfect and healthy and all mine. Our little family was finally complete. After more than a year of trying, losses, surgeries and disappointment, it felt so good. I truly felt so lucky and complete.

We had an amazing team of nurses, in addition to our OB, who were incredibly sweet and helpful. Our experience this time was 180 degrees from the last — in the best of ways.

We settled into the postpartum wing and spent one night in the hospital before heading home. Westley came to visit and really enjoyed meeting his baby brother. I made it a point to NOT be holding the baby when he arrived, so that we could have a one-on-one special moment with Westley and then introduce him to his little brother. We also had a present for W from his brother. I feel like these little gestures were important in ensuring W felt special and included.

It’s hard to believe since that day there has been a global pandemic, quarantine, school canceled and so much more. We had no idea what was coming when we left that hospital, but I’m so grateful that we were able to welcome Link safely and together.

He is the sweetest baby and has fit in perfectly into our little family. I’m excited to see how he grows and what he will look like and act like. I’m soaking it all in!



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