The Lost Art of Breakfast

One of our greatest discoveries during quarantine has been making a daily breakfast to kick start our day.

It may just be our family, but back in the old days I was lucky if I grabbed a piece of fruit or a KIND bar. Westley has breakfast at school, so we woke up with enough time to get up, get dressed and run out in a frenzy trying not to be late.

Being on maternity leave during this pandemic and having W and baby home with me 24/7 has forced me to slow down and create new traditions. And reevaluate how we live our lives.

Making a big, daily breakfast started as a way to keep W full. He is insatiable and eats constantly. Starting the day with a substantial meal helps. But it quickly turned into a welcome morning routine I look forward to every day.

W gives breakfast two thumbs up

We put the baby on his lounger on the kitchen island, Westley watches tv or catches up on some schoolwork while make coffee and whip up a yummy breakfast.

The standard is usually cheesy eggs with sausage or bacon, toast and a banana. Sometimes I’ll make myself avocado toast and W has a more traditional egg and cheese sandwich. It’s honestly less about the food and more about the company!

Once breakfast is made, we grab our plates, sit on the counter and chat. We also snap a pic and send it to daddy. It’s become our daily routine and a fun family tradition. I’ve come to cherish these mornings.

Avocado Toast
My favorite view

On weekends, daddy joins us for breakfast. Once life goes back to “normal” and I’m back at work, I want to remember these mornings and never forget that slowing down and simplifying things isn’t a bad thing.

Who knows, I may sacrifice some sleep to create a little breakfast magic at home before we brave the new world each week day.

I cherish every moment I spend with this sweet boy

Have you discovered anything or started new traditions during quarantine?

Enjoy the little things, always!



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