Let’s Cook: Cheesecake Factory Chicken Madeira Dupe

Hi friends!

Cheesecake Factory has always been one of my favorite chains. Unfortunately the city we live in does not meet the requirements to have one of their restaurants.

With my husband’s birthday this weekend, I decided to re-create one of our favorite dishes from Cheesecake Factory – – the Chicken Madeira.

It’s a delicious meal with sautéed chicken and asparagus in a mushroom Madeira wine sauce topped with copious amounts of mozzarella!

I did a lot of research and ended up mixing and matching a few recipes and subbing some things to create my own version of this delicious dish!

Chicken Madeira Dupe


– Four (4) large chicken breasts, sliced in half and pounded to a 1/4 inch

– One (1) pound of Asparagus, blanched

– Avocado oil

– Butter (I use Kerrigold Irish Butter)

– One (1) sweet onion, diced

– Four (4) cloves of garlic minced

– Pepper for seasoning

– Fresh Italian parsley chopped (for sauce and for garnish)

– White mushrooms (I used a large package and regular package from Publix)

– One bottle of Madeira wine (I used Sandeman and purchased at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits)

– 3 cups of Beef Stock

– 1 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream

– Served with side of mashed potatoes (I buy the Main St. Bistro brand of mashed potatoes from Costco)

– Four cups of mozzarella cheese (I used two bags of Sargento whole milk mozzarella)

The Steps

1. Take asparagus, chop the ends and blanch for 3 minutes in boiling water with a touch of Himalayan salt. Set aside.

2. Chop onion, fresh garlic cloves and parsley.

3. In a cast iron skillet, take 4 tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoons of Avocado oil and melt over medium/high heat.

4. Add mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes until soft, then add diced onion and cook for another 3 minutes. Add garlic, parsley and season with pepper. Cook 2 more minutes and then set mixture aside.

5. Slice chicken breasts in half, pound with parchment paper and mallet to 1/4 inch thick cutlets. Season with pepper.

6. Melt 2 more tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoon of avocado oil and sauté chicken, cooking 4 minutes on each side. Set aside.

7. Now for the sauce! In the skillet you cooked the chicken pour the bottle of Madeira wine boil for 5 minutes until the wine reduces by half. Then add 3 cups of beef stock and boil for 10 more minutes. Finally add in 1 cup of heavy whipping cream and let it simmer for about 8–10 minutes until the sauce thickens.

8. Layer chicken breasts in sauce, add in asparagus and pour mushroom mixture into the skillet. Top with 4 cups of mozzarella. Bake in oven at 350 for about 10 minutes. Then broil on Hi for 4 minutes until cheese is melted and golden.

9. Serve with mashed potatoes, side Caesar salad and glass of wine!

Hope you enjoy making this dish! We then had Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for dessert!

Happy Cooking,


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