The Gift of Education: Florida Prepaid College Plans

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Florida Prepaid. The opinions expressed are my own personal views.

As a parent, trying to plan for my kids’ future is so important. In Florida, we are lucky to have a safe and secure option to save early for their college educations through Florida Prepaid.

This year, we will pay off Westley’s college plan and during Florida Prepaid’s Open Enrollment, which kicks off today and runs through April 30th, we will get Link’s plan, which we will pay off in five years.

The best part about Florida Prepaid is that they have plans for every family and for every budget. Their payment calculator lets you put in your child’s age and you can see what each plan will cost. You can then select the best plan for your family whether it’s a 1-Year College Plan, a 2 + 2 Plan (two years of college and 2 years of university) or a 4-Year Florida University Plan.

You can pay off the college plan in a lump sum, over five years or pay monthly until your child reaches college age. So if you start early, you could have up to 18 years to pay for their education!

Why Florida Prepaid?!

Top five reasons to choose a Florida Prepaid Plan:

1. 100% Risk Free: Guaranteed by the state if Florida, so you can never lose your investment!

2. Affordable: Build a plan that fits your family. Buy one year or University at a time, two years of college or all four years of college.

3. Flexible: Save here and now and go anywhere. Your kids can use their Florida Prepaid plan in-state or out-of-state whether they attend a public or private university, trade or technical school!

4. Worry-Free: Transfer to another family member or cancel any time and get the full refund of whatever you paid in!

5. Compatible: Works great alongside scholarships like Bright Futures or financial aid to cover all college costs.

So basically, you can’t lose going through Florida Prepaid college plan route. You are setting your kids up for success – a great way to avoid debt and allow them to pursue their education dreams without any added stress.

This year, Florida Prepaid is making it even sweeter to save for college early with the #Cash4College promotion! There is no application fee, and families who sign up by April 30th will get a $500 bonus to go toward covering additional college costs.

Happy Saving,


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