BumpDate: 1st Trimester

Now that I’m officially out of the first trimester aka “the danger zone,” and into weeks 13 to 28, I wanted to share an update on how the first trimester was the second time around.

This pregnancy has definitely been different from my first. I’m older, I have a child at home (no extended resting) and I think taking Progesterone (which I definitely think helped me avoid another miscarriage) was a blessing, but brought with it extra bloating and symptoms.

So here’s a breakdown of all the things.


  • Beyond Tired – I don’t remember being this tired last time, but this first trimester hit me hard with exhaustion. There were days when I would go home at lunch just to lay down and close my eyes. Some nights I would feel fine and three minutes later I was out and could not move because I was soooo tired.
  • Headaches – Another symptom I don’t remember last time. I have definitely had occasional horrible headaches (maybe migraines…I’m not sure since I’ve never had them before) that feel debilitating. Luckily this symptom was not ever present, but when it arrived, it was a pain.
  • Insomnia – Sleep has been touch and go. Some nights I’m in a deep and wonderful sleep, while others I wake at 2a, 3a or 4a and struggle to fall back asleep. It definitely makes the tiredness feel even more pronounced the next day.
  • Bloating – Another pregnancy constant that made an appearance.
  • Swollen Breasts – Holy OUCH. This one lasted almost the entire trimester. So much growth, sensitivity and heaviness — even showering was painful.


My food cravings have been so different this time. Some days I feel like a kid wanting to eat cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, tacos and tenders.

I’ve also been craving red meat more than usual and decadent meals like my hubby’s yummy sausage and tortellini cream-based soup. Overall, I’ve been on a savory kick, much more than sweets. I also like eating all the fruits, especially oranges.


This has been unpredictable. I definitely have been anxious about the pregnancy and baby (given my recent history of miscarriages) and some days I would play worst case scenarios in my mind.

Most days I’ve been sharp and operating business as usual and other days I’ve forgotten my sneakers and gone to my workout class in socks. Pregnancy brain in full effect.


I definitely took it easy partly due to exhaustion and partly due to fear that the crazy circuit training I’m used to doing could potentially be a factor in causing miscarriage. So I mostly walked on the treadmill, did incline walking and went to a few low weight/low impact group fitness classes.


This has been a total rollercoaster of falling asleep at 7:30pm to being up for hours in the middle of the night. Overall, I’ve slept relatively well, but I know that as I continue to grow, it will only get more uncomfortable.


While my body definitely changed way faster and my bump has made a very early appearance, I was still able to manage fitting into most of my clothes.

To hide my growing bump in the last few weeks (already into the second trimester), I wore a lot of loose maxis, roomy rompers and tiered dresses. Keeping it loose and comfy was a must, especially in this 100+ degree Florida heat. Here are some pics from outfits over the last three months.

I’ll be sharing a recap of each trimester with highlights and am happy to answer any questions for new or expecting mamas!

Happy Bumping,


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